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ABADI est un jeu vidéo de genre platformer/puzzle game réalisé par Charlène IBOS, Alexandre LAPOSTOLLE, Estelle SCHWEICHLER et Gauthier VAILLANT,  4 étudiants en 3e année de formation Game Design à l'ETPA.


Dans la Perse antique, deux frères vont demander l'immortalité au Dieu du Temps. Ce dernier les met au défi et change leur corps en sable. Coopérez et exploitez les différentes propriétés du sable pour surmonter les épreuves qu'il vous a préparé.


ABADI is a platformer-puzzle video game, created by Charlène IBOS, Alexandre LAPOSTOLLE, Estelle SCHWEICHLER and Gauthier VAILLANT, 4 students in their final year of ETPA Game Design curriculum.

In Ancient Persia, two brothers ask for immortality to the God of Times. To challenge them, the latter turns their body into sand. Cooperate and use the sand's many properties to overcome the obstacles he has prepared.

Website : http://www.abadi.fr/

Install instructions

  1. Téléchargez le jeu / Download the game
  2. Dézippez le dossier / Unzip the file
  3. Jouable avec 2 joueurs avec 2 manettes XBOX 360 / Install the game, and play with 2 XBOX 360 controllers


ABADI-ETPA-2017.zip 223 MB


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Absolutely beautiful. The, art, the music the design, all of it. We had a ton of fun making our way through it and I think having a second person there really improves the experience. I've played puzzle games for one player that were quite like this and were relatively boring. The near lack of a UI, the unobtrusive an beautiful music with the broken and fractured art style made for a really fun and relaxing time! Well done!