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What a solid student project! Good scope (not too ambitious). Keen to explorer a mechanic we've seen before - but doing it well (actually moving, not just clicking story options), and tight visual/audio connectedness (erm, you know what I mean). Nice work! Here's my playthrough!


Despite this being entirely in French, of which I speak none, I had to at least try this out. And I have to say it was a blast not understanding any of it. It really led to a sense of wonder and fear due to my inability to interpret the given situations and played into my not being able to respond to them properly. I really felt like I was thrown into an unknown world and all I could understand were my core needs. Food, water, heat. I still have no idea what happened, but I had fun!


Thx for this review CoalFire ! Crazy Challenge  to try an adventure game in French without knowing any words :)
English translation will be available during the end of september, the team is on it !

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Hello CoalFire, as promised, the english translation is on ! have fun :)