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Guide Isha through his impossible perspective world, and help him to heal the mysterious curse...

Designed to be played on tactile screen, there's no need for keyboard, the game is playable using only the mouse!

THORN  is a video game created by  students in their 3rd year of ETPA Game Design

Guidez Isha a travers un monde à la perspective impossible, et aidez le à guérir la mysterieuse maladie qui s'est abbatue sur son village... 

Le jeu étant conçu pour être joué sur écran tactile, pas besoin de clavier, tout se joue à la souris !

THORN est un jeu vidéo réalisé par les étudiants en 3e année de formation Game Design à l'ETPA

Type :
Turned Based Strategy 

Players :
1 player game

PEGI : 3+

Update V1.2 - Rééquilibrage de la difficulté / balancing difficulty - correction bugs mineurs / minors bugs correcting

Install instructions

  1. Téléchargez le jeu / Download the game
  2. Dézippez le dossier / Unzip the file
  3. Jouable avec souris ou tablette / Can be played with mouse or tablet


Thorn1.2.zip 161 MB


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Very beautiful graphics. There is something interesting behind the concept game. Hope development goes far!

Cool concept, I did have issues with the character not walking when there's a clear path, and jumping out of a spot to another one for no clear reason. 

Really awesome combination of ideas here with the perspective and turn based stealth game, but the communication of mechanics leaves a lot to be desired. It took me a long while to figure out how to even turn the stage because of this. Still, an awesome game nonetheless!