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Unexpected Guest est un jeu vidéo réalisé par 5 étudiants en formation Game Design de l'ETPA : Livio AMBROSINI, Fabien BARREILLE, Coralie FOURCADE, Guillaume GARDELLA et Victor PERES.


Un apprenti de la police temporelle se retrouve au Tibet en pleine invasion mongole, en 1220, et doit s'échapper à l'aide de ses propulseurs et d'une sphère temporelle...


Unexpected Guest is a video game created by 5 students during their Game Design studies at ETPA : Livio AMBROSINI, Fabien BARREILLE, Coralie FOURCADE, Guillaume GARDELLA and Victor PERES.

A trainee temporal policeman ends up in Tibet in 1220, in the middle of a Mongol invasion. He must escape using his propellers and a time bracelet.

Install instructions

  1. Téléchargez le jeu / Download the game
  2. Dézippez le dossier/ Unzip the file
  3. Installez le jeu + jouez avec une manette XBOX 360 / Install the game, and play with an XBOX 360 controller




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This is a wonderful little game you've made here! I was constantly surprised by the addition of new mechanics and environments and absolutely loved the contrast between the new technology and old. The game gets in, shows you everything it wants to, and gets out, never overstaying its welcome but not feeling too brief. My only complaints, minor ones at that, are the sword swings are far too loud and the and two of the button prompts last a little long. Minor quibbles in the grand scheme of the game. To each and every person involved with this, great work!

Hi, thank you so much for your comment and the video review you made ! We will forward your comment and advices to the alumni who made this game.

All the best


You can request more upload space from itch in order to directly upload so you don't have to redirect to a drive link.

OK thank you, but the game is about 2 Go. I will ask them :)