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Zone 42 est un jeu vidéo réalisé par les étudiants en 3e année de formation Game Design à l'ETPA : Arnaud Mellin, Charly Lecoq, Florian Lannes, Hildegarde Durel,
Marvin Theil, Pauline Fauché et Tristan Huynh.


Lou est une employée d’une entreprise de maintenance.
Alors qu’elle répare une machine à café dans la salle de pause d’un laboratoire militaire, une alarme se déclenche.
Bloquée dans le bâtiment, elle tente de sortir pour rejoindre son collègue, mais
va finalement être confrontée aux expériences menées dans le complexe
C’est alors son sens moral qui va la lancer dans une aventure dans laquelle
son sang-froid et sa détermination seront mis à l’épreuve.


Zone 42  is a video game created by  students in their 3rd year of ETPA Game Design curriculum : Arnaud Mellin, Charly Lecoq, Florian Lannes, Hildegarde Durel, Marvin Theil, Pauline Fauché et Tristan Huynh.

Lou work in a maintenance compagny.
Suddently, while she was working on a coffee machine, all the alarms sounds.
Stuck in the building she try to find a way out and doing so, will finally discovers the experiments taking place in this building....
This discover will force her to go deeper in the laboratory for discover all the truth.


Zone42_ETPA.zip 414 MB


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The game looks fantastic but I don't think it's quite as good as it could be. It seemed pretty buggy, as in some of the core systems weren't quite working properly or weren't quite polished enough. Ended up breaking it once and some of it was just plain difficult to figure out what was supposed to be done. It's a solid start, but just not quite there yet!

Looks really cool but on startup I get this yellow screen with a turning gear and then nothing else happens. I can't get past that.... :/

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Sorry for this, but thx for the feedback. The team will upload soon a fix. 
> Fix added ! :)